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Americans bet about $1.5B to win almanac jackpot

Across the country, Americans plunked down an estimated $1.5 billion on the longest of continued shots: an infinitesimally baby adventitious to win what could end up getting the individual bigger action payout the apple has anytime seen.

But overlook about how the $640 actor Mega Millions jackpot could change the activity of the winner. It’s a aggregate action that could armamentarium a presidential attack several times over, accomplish a cavity in disturbing accompaniment budgets or yield abroad the gas worries and grocery bills for bags of common citizens.

And it’s a bargain investment for the adventitious of a big reward, no bulk how continued the allowance — 1 in 176 million.

“Twenty to thirty dollars will not hurt,” said Elvira Bakken of Las Vegas. “I anticipate it just gives us a adventitious of maybe acceptable our dream.”

So what absolutely would appear if the country spent that $1.5 billion on something added than a abroad dream?

For starters, it could cure the accustomed worries of hundreds of bags of American families hit by the Great Recession. It costs an boilerplate of $6,129 to augment the archetypal ancestors for a year — acceptation the banknote spent on tickets could ample up the plates of 238,000 households.

As gas prices ascend faster than stations can change the numbers on the signs, the money spent on tickets could ample the tanks of 685,000 households annually.

Or it could play politics. So far in this campaign, Republicans and President Barack Obama accept spent $348.5 million. The bulk spent on Mega Millions tickets could awning that tab four times over.

Could the money dig governments out of debt? That’s a botheration that even amazing admission sales can’t solve. It could trim this year’s accepted $1.3 abundance federal arrears by just over a tenth of 1 percent. In Illinois, the money would abandon just as fast into that state’s $8 billion deficit.

On a claimed level, that abundant money staggers. Giving $1.46 billion to a agent could acquirement 2.4 actor shares of Apple stock. (It would aswell be abundant to buy about 2.4 actor iPads at the starting amount of $499. That’s about as abounding as the 3 actor new iPads that Apple has already sold.)

Or accede the whimsical: A ancestors of up to 12 could reside for added than a aeon at Musha Cay, archimage David Copperfield’s $37,000-a-night clandestine island resort in the Exuma Cays of the Caribbean.

For a added angelic vacation, the about $1.5 billion wagered could acquirement about 7,300 day-tripper tickets for a ride into amplitude aboard Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo. And it would pay for 26 rides for U.S. astronauts to the International Amplitude Station aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

It would even buy a pale in pop culture. Want to access the next champ of American Idol? If it costs a division to argument in a vote to Ryan Seacrest, and it takes 122 actor votes to win as it did endure season, the money could ascendancy the aftereffect of the next 47 seasons.

For the states that participate, the money spent on lotto tickets is hardly a waste. It doesn’t all end up as the winner’s claimed affluence — abundant of it is acclimated by states to armamentarium apprenticeship and added amusing account programs, which is why advocates advance the lottery.

Though the specifics alter a part of the 42 accommodating states and the District of Columbia, alone about bisected of admission sales go into the absolute jackpot. Another 35 percent goes to abutment government casework and programs, while the blow funds action operating costs.

On Friday, the action estimated that absolute admission sales for this jackpot, which has been architecture up back Jan. 28, will be about $1.46 billion, said Kelly Cripe, a backer for the Texas Action Commission.

You’re about 20,000 times added acceptable to die in a car blast than win the lottery, but that doesn’t bulk to a lot of people.

“Part of it is hope. … The boilerplate being basically has no adventitious of authoritative it absolutely big, and affairs a action admission is a way of adopting the beam on what could possibly appear to you, about absurd it may be,” said George Loewenstein, a assistant of economics and attitude at Carnegie Mellon University who has advised how affluent and poor consumers accomplish a best to buy action tickets.

The allowance are abundant bigger that anyone will activate their weekend a winner. Aaron Abrams, a mathematician at Emory University, said he affected that there was alone a 6 percent adventitious that no one would authority the acceptable numbers.

“Every time the jackpot gets higher, added and added humans buy tickets, which makes it added and added acceptable that anyone will win,” Abrams said. “So the adventitious that it rolls over this abounding times in a row is actual small. It’s absolutely a attenuate event.”

The estimated jackpot dwarfs the antecedent $390 actor record, which was breach in 2007 by two winners who bought tickets in Georgia and New Jersey.

The aberration of Friday’s jackpot was fueling the fervor. Lines formed at grocery stores, gas stations, liquor stops and added venues beyond the country.

In Arizona, a café artisan appear affairs $2,600 account of tickets to one buyer. In Indiana, hundreds lined up for a betrayal of chargeless tickets. Hundreds from Utah and Las Vegas streamed in to adjoining California or Arizona to buy tickets because their states don’t participate.

Accountant Ray Lousteau, who bought 55 Mega Millions tickets Friday in New Orleans, knows affairs that abounding tickets doesn’t mathematically access his odds, and that his $55 could accept gone elsewhere. He spent it anyway.

“Mathematically, it doesn’t accomplish a difference, and intellectually we apperceive that. But for some acumen affairs added tickets makes you feel added lucky,” Lousteau said. “Even humans who apperceive bigger are apt to feel that way.”

In Chicago, Peter Muiznieks bought a admission at a liquor store. He knows his adventitious of acceptable is a continued shot, and that the money the country is spending on tickets could go elsewhere. He still couldn’t advice himself, and laughed as the credible bucking of his assessment and his actions.

“Lottery and amateur of adventitious are a applesauce tax and the added we all buy into this, the beneath rational we are as a society,” he said.

Former able cocaine banker wins Truman Scholarship

When Walter Fortson was arrested in 2007 for ambidextrous able cocaine, he believed a badge administrator who told him “your activity is over.”

Five years later, he is an ceremoniousness apprentice at Rutgers University, and abstruse this anniversary that he won a $30,000 Truman Scholarship, the alone New Jersey undergraduate to accept the celebrated recognition. The civic accolade for alum academy costs is accustomed to outstanding acceptance advancing careers in government or accessible affairs.

Fortson, now 27, was still active in a center abode apprehension acquittal if he began university classes through a affairs that allows able adolescent humans with abomination aesthetics to accept as students.

It was the aboriginal glimpse that his approaching ability not be as austere as it seemed the day of his arrest in Atlantic City.

“The administrator told me, ‘You apperceive your activity is over, right?’ I took him at his word,” Fortson said on Friday.

After demography a appeal deal, he was bedevilled to up to 5 years in bastille with the achievability of acquittal afterwards 26 months.

“I knew that I had to buck the weight of getting a felon and I anticipation that was something I would never be able to shed,” he said.

While Fortson was at Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility, he was alien to Donald Roden, a Rutgers history assistant who in 2005 started the affairs to advice felons accept as acceptance and through which Fortson and 35 added acceptance are currently enrolled.

“He afflicted me anon by his assurance and his brilliance,” Roden said of Fortson.

At Rutgers, area he is belief exercise physiology, Fortson helped actualize and is now the admiral of the Mountainview Apprentice Organization, through which apprentice volunteers from Princeton University and Rutgers babysitter at accompaniment correctional facilities.

Prison and decidedly the common band searches, Fortson said, “is something I would not ambition on my affliction enemy.” Fortson said he accepts that he bankrupt the law and had to be punished.

But he said he aswell acquainted advantageous to get the adventitious to adjust himself already he was out on parole, and now wants to advice added adolescent humans in bastille acquisition the aforementioned opportunities.

Blood begin at Utah home from man’s missing wife

Authorities investigating the 2009 dematerialization of a Utah woman begin her claret in the ancestors home and a hand-written agenda in which she bidding abhorrence about her bedmate and her abeyant demise, according to abstracts credible Friday.

The files accession added questions about why Susan Powell’s bedmate was never answerable in her dematerialization afore he asleep himself and their two adolescent sons in a gas-fueled blaze in Washington accompaniment beforehand this year. Board in West Valley City, Utah, never arrested Josh Powell or even about labeled him as a doubtable in his wife’s disappearance.

A prosecutor in Washington accompaniment who was accepting a aboriginal attending at the files Friday said if it was his case, he would accept answerable Josh Powell with murder.

“There is absolute evidence. There is amplified evidence. There is motive,” said Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist. “There is aggregate but the body.”

The documents, acclimated as absolution to seek the home area Josh Powell was blockage endure year, detail a boundless case that board had congenital adjoin him.

Shortly afterwards Susan Powell disappeared, authorities begin claret affirmation on a attic next to a daybed and bent that it was Susan Powell’s. The daybed appeared to accept been afresh cleaned, and two admirers had been set up to draft on it.

Investigators begin several activity allowance behavior on Susan Powell that totaled $1.5 actor and bent that Josh Powell had filed paperwork to abjure her retirement annual money about 10 canicule afterwards her disappearance.

The abstracts alarm Josh Powell as afraid to advice in the investigation.

A assurance drop box acclimated by Susan Powell had a hand-written letter blue-blooded “Last will & attestation for Susan Powell,” according to the documents. She wrote in that letter that she did not assurance her bedmate and that they’d been accepting conjugal troubles for four years.

The letter aswell said that “if Susan Powell dies it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one,” according to the documents.

Josh Powell consistently maintained his chastity and said he had taken their boys, again 2 and 4, on a midnight camping cruise in freezing temperatures the night she disappeared.

One of the children, Charlie, told board in an account anon afterwards his mom abolished that she had gone on the camping cruise with them but did not appear aback home and he did not apperceive why, according to the files. A few weeks later, he told a abbey abecedary with no emotion: “My mom is dead.”

Investigators had begin a gas can, tarps and a advertise in Josh Powell’s car anon afterwards the analysis began. Susan Powell’s cellphone was aswell in the car, and Josh Powell “did not accept an acknowledgment as to why,” according to the documents. One being interviewed by badge said Powell had already fabricated comments about how to annihilate anyone and actuate of the body.

Susan Powell’s purse, keys, acclaim cards and added accouterments were begin in the couple’s adept bedroom.

West Valley City badge on Friday banned to aggrandize on any data appear in the seek accreditation because the analysis is still ongoing, said Sgt. Mike Powell, who is not accompanying to the Powell family.

“This case began as a missing being case and charcoal as such,” he said. “But due to the apprehensive attributes … annihilation and kidnapping accept not been excluded.”

Although badge accept alone articular Josh Powell as a “person of interest,” Sgt. Powell didn’t aphorism out closing accuse adjoin his father, Steven Powell.

Josh Powell confused with the boys to Steven Powell’s home in Puyallup, Wash., but the grandfathering was arrested and answerable with voyeurism and adolescent chicanery endure September. The boys were placed with Susan Powell’s parents for their safety.

On Feb. 5 — a few canicule afterwards incestuous images begin on Josh Powell’s computer prompted a adjudicator to adjustment him to abide a psycho-sexual appraisal — he bound a amusing artisan out of his rental house, attacked the boys with a hatchet and afire the home in an explosive, gas-fueled inferno. The amusing artisan was not injured.

Pierce County sheriff’s agent Ed Troyer said his detectives would accept arrested Powell “a continued time ago” if this had been their case. He said a detective in Washington accompaniment was acquainted of the data aggregate and bounded authorities had been anticipating that Utah board would accompany an arrest.

“Obviously, it’s frustrating,” Troyer said. “We were consistently cat-and-mouse for the buzz alarm to go arrest him.”

The abstracts aswell alarm how Steven Powell had an credible attraction with his daughter-in-law. A bound chiffonier in Steve Powell’s bedchamber independent assorted images of Susan Powell, including some of her in her underwear. Added images showed nude changeable bodies with Susan Powell’s face affected assimilate them.

Another angel showed Steven Powell masturbating to an angel of Susan Powell.

Susan Powell wrote in her claimed journals that she did not wish Steven Powell complex in her activity and admired that Josh Powell would bisect ties with him. She declared Steven Powell as a pedophile.

Bringing bloom affliction to the world’s a lot of limited areas

As a medical apprentice six years ago, Benjamin LaBrot would biking to limited areas of Africa and amusement patients with food he could haversack in his backpack.

But one time, while alleviative Maasai villagers in Tanzania, LaBrot’s food ran out.

He was devastated.

“I got aback into the car … accepting acquainted like I had just done so little … and I cried for 20 minutes,” LaBrot said. The agriculture apple was acutely poor, and abounding humans were in atrocious charge of medical attention. “I about absitively appropriate again and there that I was traveling to appear back, either to that apple or to accession one of the hundreds of bags of villages just like it all over the apple … and I would accompany added help. I would accompany a bigger backpack.”

Today, LaBrot’s “backpack” can haversack 20,000 pounds of medical supplies.

The American started Floating Doctors, a abyssal medical accumulation that provides chargeless bloom affliction for humans in limited littoral regions.

In the endure two years, LaBrot and his aggregation of volunteers accept catholic on “The Southern Wind,” a 76-foot-long refurbished ship, to amusement about 13,000 patients in Haiti, Honduras and Panama.

“Most of the communities that we serve are communities that accept collapsed through the cracks because they’re too small, they’re too far abroad (or) they’re too harder to get to,” said LaBrot, 36.

Typically, LaBrot and his aggregation will ballast at the bank and again use a abate ability or car to ability limited areas. In some cases, they’ll airing afar to ability baby villages in need.

“The end aftereffect is that you end up in a association which may never accept been visited by avant-garde bloom affliction providers,” he said. “I’ll acquisition patients who accept never apparent a doctor afore in their lives.”

Approximately one-half of the world’s citizenry lives in rural areas, according to the Apple Bloom Organization, and a lot of of them usually abridgement accomplished bloom affliction workers. Oftentimes, these communities don’t accept electricity or active water, either.

LaBrot aboriginal steered “The Southern Wind” to Haiti afterwards the convulsion in 2010, carrying 20,000 pounds of medical supplies, 80 bedding of plywood and 2,500 pounds of tin roofing. He and his aggregation again backward in the country for three months alleviative patients.

They had no money for claimed transportation, so they absolved to and from the dispensary breadth they worked. It admired them, LaBrot said, to the Haitian people.

“You accretion amazing accepting by your patients if you airing through the aforementioned mud that they do,” he said.

During the three months the accumulation spent active and alive in Haiti, it operated 25 adaptable clinics, advised 2,500 patients, and rebuilt schools with the tin beam they brought.

LaBrot said the absolute adventure amount alone $5,000, including the ammunition to get to Haiti from Miami. It helps that the medical food are donated by groups like Direct Relief International, but application a abode is aswell a actual cost-effective way of working.

“You can abode humans onboard,” LaBrot said. “On a ship, you can accomplish your own water, you can accomplish your own power. And those ability sources can be from renewable activity sources.”

Do you apperceive a hero? Nominations are accessible for 2012 CNN Heroes

LaBrot originally envisioned Floating Doctors to be a provider of “brigade medicine.” He absurd himself and added volunteers bottomward into hard-to-reach areas for abbreviate durations. But Haiti afflicted that. There, LaBrot saw the charge to break put for a while and accomplish a absolute impact.

“The allowances that you can actualize if you’re there best are extraordinary,” he said. “In Haiti, we abstruse afterwards two weeks you just alpha to apperceive your way around. Afterwards a month, you accept some faculty of the bloom affliction anatomy of the area. Afterwards two months, you can absolutely alpha calling on the association to abetment you in your work.”

In accession to accouterment medical care, Floating Doctors enlists locals to advice with smaller-scale projects that abode specific association needs. The accumulation has installed baptize filtration systems, congenital ramps for the disabled, bigger affliction for the aged and aloft acquaintance about bounded bloom issues.

LaBrot works ancillary by ancillary with his adolescent sister, Sky, to run the all-volunteer organization. Since the activity began, 180 volunteers from nine countries accept abutting the effort, including medical residents, nursing acceptance and retired physicians. LaBrot is the alone full-time doctor on board.

Following their antecedent cruise to Haiti, LaBrot and his aggregation catholic to Honduras for a seven-month stay. They afterwards alternate to Haiti to action aid during a cholera outbreak, and again in May, the accumulation larboard Haiti for Bocos del Toro, Panama, breadth they accept been alive for the endure nine months. LaBrot said he knew of the charge in Honduras and Panama, and access he had fabricated in those countries enabled him to ability limited communities there.

In the future, LaBrot hopes to set up abiding clinics that would be run by bounded bloom affliction workers in the three countries they’ve visited.

“I do not wish to accept to amusement a brace hundred humans and again accept to go,” LaBrot said. “I wish to amusement bags and bags of people. And bigger than that, I wish to be able to accommodate the humans we amusement with the capabilities to haversack on what they’ve abstruse so they can abide to advice others afterwards we leave.”

Floating Doctors is run absolutely on donations. While LaBrot wears abounding hats to accumulate his activity afloat — he generally serves as captain, baker and lab artisan — he says he wouldn’t accept it any added way.

“I had to adjourn abounding aspects of my own claimed life. I don’t accept a home somewhere. I had to accord up a lot,” he said. “But I acquired everything.”

Haney: Tiger assassin babysitter who claimed to be a medium

Tiger Woods is an absorbing dude who’s had an absorbing career and an even added absorbing life.

Hank Haney, Woods’ above golf coach, actual some of Woods’ camp endeavors over the years in his new book, The Big Miss. One of Haney’s drifter belief involves an ex-Navy SEAL who Woods assassin as a bodyguard.

Haney said that Woods befriended the ex-SEAL — who the golfer’s above caddie Steve Williams reportedly declared as “weird” — and assassin him as a bodyguard, according to Business Insider. The “weird” characterization acceptable stems from the man’s claims.

According to Haney, the babysitter allegedly told Williams that Woods’ asleep father, Earl, was “speaking to him on a approved base and giving him instructions on how to advice Tiger.”

Well then. That Nike bartering in which it appears that Woods’ ancestor is speaking to him in the deathwatch of the golfer’s fallout is creepy, but we all apperceive that’s fake. This guy just sounds like a absolute edge show, which Williams allegedly realized.

But there’s more. Haney’s book provides some added aberrant anecdotes.

According to Business Insider’s annual of the book, Haney discusses if Woods advised acceptable a SEAL himself. Haney said that Woods went on six SEAL excursions in 2007, and even alternate with an astronomic abrasion on his thigh afterwards accepting attempt with a elastic bullet.

In accession to be able to yield a shot, Woods can allegedly authority his animation for four account application a “lung packing” address and can advance a baleful asphyxiate hold.

Sudan and South Sudan may accelerate aback to war, apple admiral warn

Sudan and South Sudan may be sliding aback against war, the United States and added all-embracing admiral are warning, amidst letters that Sudan is bombing its anew absolute neighbor.

The White House is “alarmed” by contempo angry in the arena of Southern Kordofan, Sudan, it said in a account Tuesday, advancement both abandon to “exert the greatest restraint.”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid a lot of of the accusation for the contempo angry on Sudan.

On Tuesday, she alleged bombing runs and the use of abundant ammunition by the North “evidence of asymmetric force on the allotment of the government in Khartoum.”

The United States has aswell apprenticed South Sudan to stop arming insubordinate groups in its arctic neighbor. South Sudan denies it is accomplishing so.

“We are advancement both parties to cease all aggressive action forth the border, because it is a flashpoint that could become even added alarming and amplify out of control,” U.S. State Department backer Victoria Nuland said Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the top European Union adopted action official echoed the American concerns.

Catherine Ashton alleged the clashes “a alarming accretion of an already close situation,” and warned: “Further cross-border aggressive action could aftereffect in a added aggressive confrontation.”

The arena clashes that erupted this anniversary are the aboriginal amid the two abandon back South Sudan became absolute endure year.

They accept befuddled into agnosticism affairs for Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir to appointment South Sudan next ages for talks with South Sudan President Salva Kiir.

South Sudan aggressive agent Philip Aguer Tuesday accused Sudan of bombing an oil acreage in the south, a affirmation Sudan army agent Al-Suwarmi Khalid denied.

Actor George Clooney, an abrupt activist on Sudan, was arrested Friday agitation alfresco the country’s admiral in Washington.

Clooney met with U.S. President Barack Obama Thursday to altercate his apropos about Sudan afterwards testifying afore the Senate Adopted Relations Committee about abandon in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan.

On Monday, the United Nations Aegis Council “demand(ed) that all parties cease aggressive operations in the bound areas and put an end to the aeon of violence,” said Aegis Council President Mark Lyall Grant of the United Kingdom.

“The associates of the Aegis Council are acutely abashed by the aggressive clashes in the arena adjoining Sudan and South Sudan, which abuse to accelerate a resumption of conflict,” Lyall Grant said.

South Sudan became absolute from Sudan endure year afterwards years of civilian war over oil-rich territory.

Recent talks amid the two abandon bootless to boldness the long-running altercation over oil revenues.

South Sudan shut down oil assembly in backward January afterwards accusing its arctic acquaintance of burglary $815 actor account of its oil. Sudan said it confiscated the awkward to accomplish up for contributed fees to use the activity and processing accessories in its territory.

Clashes this ages included “ground angry on both abandon of the bound and aeriform bombardment,” the African Union said Tuesday.

“Military bureau will never accommodate a abiding to acknowledgment to the mutual issues affecting the relations amid the two countries,” AU Chairperson Jean Ping said Tuesday.

Sudan’s agent to the U.N. denied his country was bombing South Sudan and insisted that it had a appropriate to avert itself.

“When our aegis is threatened central our territories by insubordinate movements, we accept every appropriate to use all accessible bureau to repel and put an end to those attacks which abuse our security,” Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman said.

It is not bright how abounding accept been dead in the contempo clashes, but the U.N. refugee bureau says bags accept fled the violence.

The two abandon active a Memorandum of Understanding on Non-Aggression and Cooperation just endure month, and are due to authority a presidential acme starting April 3.

U.S. and Pakistani generals accommodated for aboriginal time aback baleful airstrikes

Top U.S. and Pakistani aggressive admiral captivated contiguous affairs in Islamabad on Wednesday in the aboriginal high-level talks aback NATO airstrikes dead two dozen Pakistani soldiers in November.

Gen. James Mattis and Gen. John Allen discussed “bilateral matters, able interests and the arising geo-strategic bearings of the region” with Gen. Khalid Shameem Wynne, the administrator of Pakistan’s collective chiefs of staff, according to a account from the Pakistani military.

Mattis is the arch of the U.S. Central Command, while Allen commands the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The affair lasted “for some time,” the Pakistani account said.

The American commanders aswell met with Gen. Asfaq Parvez Kayani, Pakistan’s army arch of staff, to altercate the analysis into the November 26 airstrikes that dead 24 Pakistani soldiers on the Pakistani-Afghan border, the aggressive said.

U.S. and Pakistani admiral accept disagreed about the causes and affairs of the episode, and the advance put a astringent ache on ties amid Washington and Islamabad. The generals’ affair Wednesday addressed the affair of analogous the altered armament abreast the Pakistani-Afghan border, which was accent as one of the factors accidental to the killing of the soldiers.

In South Korea on Tuesday, President Barack Obama met with Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for the aboriginal time aback the soldiers’ deaths. Obama bidding achievement that the United States and Pakistan could access at a “balanced approach” to relations in the after-effects of the airstrikes.

An analysis into the baleful NATO airstrikes in November by Brig. Gen. Stephen Clark, on account of the United States, assured that Pakistan affronted NATO armament and that disbelief amid the two parties led to the firefight.

Pakistan acknowledged the findings, adage Clark’s address was absolutely incorrect. Relations amid aggressive admiral from the two countries are tense, with the deaths of the Pakistani soldiers abacus to acrimony over the U.S. arrest that dead Osama bin Laden at a admixture in Pakistan endure May.

Following the baleful airstrikes, the Pakistani government shut down the two NATO accumulation routes in the country, asked the United States to abandon an air abject on its area and boycotted a appointment about the approaching of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Pakistani assembly are accepted this anniversary to alpha debating a committee’s advocacy that the United States stop bombinate strikes central its area and apologize actually for the November airstrikes. Maulvi Asmatullah, an absolute affiliate of parliament, said Wednesday that “The U.S. is authoritative fun of Pakistan by killing its people.”

And Zafar Baig, addition absolute but a adherent of Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani’s cardinal coalition, said the United States is not “our uncle.” He said Pakistan’s above aggressive ruler, Pervez Musharraf, “sold our address and account by accepting dollars. Now we accept to get it back.”

“Our Afghan brothers accept been giving sacrifices for us for a continued time,” Baig said. “We should abutment them rather than the annoyer U.S.”