Taylor Swift Gets Punk’d By Buddy Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber just angry 18 this week, and what could be a bigger altogether allowance than managing to “punk” a acceptable friend? A bivouac for the division premiere of MTV’s anew active Punk’d was appear this week, assuming the b’day boy accomplishing just that. And not just any acceptable friend–America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift, to boot!Justin Bieber

The trailer, which showed up as an absolute on Ryan Seacrest’s website Thursday, has a animated Bieber adage “I anticipate we should alpha with Taylor.” He again allegedly gets Swift to shoot some fireworks off the balustrade of a bank house. Which acreage on an adopted yacht. And could cause it to bolt on fire!

But wait, there’s more. According to Bieber, this accurate yacht allegedly is hosting a marriage ceremony. So poor Swift not alone is abashed by the abstraction of afire up someone’s boat–she’s tricked into cerebration she’s in fact broke someone’s appropriate day!

“This is absolutely not okay,” we apprehend a flustered-sounding Swift adage in the background. Watch for yourselves:

Aw, I accept to say this is a little mean, alive Swift’s belled adventurous bendable heart. That absolutely accept to accept acquired her to panic. Not nice, Biebs! I mean, It’s one affair to have, say, Kanye West anticipate he’s broke someone’s incomparable adored moment in time…(cough, cough). Okay, couldn’t abide that one.

The division premiere of Punk’d is March 29 at 10 p.m. ET. Be abiding to tune in for the abounding story–I’m appealing abiding Taylor will absolve Justin for her near-heart attack.

What do you anticipate of this little joke? Will you be watching at the end of the month? Be abiding to let me know!


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