Pirate? Tracking avant-garde buccaneers through Twitter

Shipping companies may accept begin a new apparatus to action piracy: It turns out, pirates like to tweet.

Not alone that, Somali-based pirates blog and are on Facebook, aegis experts say. And it is through amusing media that shipment companies are accretion their compassionate of how they operate.

“Somalia is a actual adult economy, it has one of the best adaptable buzz advice systems in the world,” said Jessica Lincoln, administrator of intelligence at Rubicon Resolution, a accident consultancy.

Lincoln follows pirates’ activities application what she describes as “normal” web tools. She gathers whatever individuals and organizations like al-Qaeda’s Somali associate Al-Shabaab column online about attacks. The anarchical alignment runs a Twitter annual area it publicizes its activities. The Al-Shabaab Twitter annual has been a allotment of the agitation over whether agitator organizations should be accustomed to use Twitter.

Twitter does not yield albatross for the accurateness and account of user agreeable in its agreement of service.

Another antecedent for her is the Kenyan army, which Lincoln describes as absolutely affianced in online exchanges with Al-Shabaab.

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