Officials: Bales sneaked off abject alert during rampage

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, who is doubtable in the cutting deaths this ages of 17 Afghans, sneaked off his limited beginning alert during his declared 90-minute binge in two Afghan villages, two arch U.S. admiral told CNN on Monday.

The admiral said that, afterwards the March 11 shootings in one apple in Kandahar province, Bales sneaked aback assimilate his base. They said Bales was apparent at that point by adolescent troops.

One official said board accept Bales told added soldiers he had just asleep military-aged Afghan men. The admiral said they did not apperceive whether those troops told anyone else.

Then Bales sneaked out afresh and headed to the added village; he was apprehended by a seek affair as he attempted to re-enter the action beginning the added time, the admiral said.

Before this account, an Afghan bouncer was believed to accept been the sole accepting who saw Bales that night. The bouncer alerted U.S. troops on base.

“That is an allegation, of course. It’s absolutely not affidavit of annihilation and, acutely John, I can’t acquaint you what my applicant remembers or [doesn’t] bethink added than cogent you that he has some anamnesis problems about aggregate that happened that night,” Bales’ advocate John Henry Browne told CNN’s John King in acknowledgment to a catechism about the new account.

Browne said associates of Bales’ aegis aggregation are on the arena in Afghanistan appropriate now, “gathering advice and interviewing assemblage and accepting advice from the aggressive prosecutors.”

He aswell said the aggregation will get Bales’ medical annal to actuate what medications he may accept taken recently, or been on in the past. If Bales batten to Browne, he was clumsy to anamnesis that allotment of his medical history, the advocate said.

“I anticipate it’s allotment of the accomplished anamnesis problems that he’s having,” said Browne.

The data emerged on the aforementioned day the suspect’s wife, Karilyn Bales, told NBC Account that her bedmate would not accept committed the murders, whose victims included nine children.

“It’s astonishing to me,” Karilyn Bales said. “I accept no abstraction what happened, but he would not — he loves children, and he would not do that,” she said in the interview, excerpts of which aired Sunday and Monday.

She said she had not asked her bedmate if he committed the murders because they had announced abandoned on monitored buzz calls.

“We couldn’t altercate those details,” she said, abacus that her bedmate “seemed a bit abashed as to area he was and why he was there.”

She said she will angle by him no bulk what affirmation is presented.

“I don’t anticipate annihilation will absolutely change my apperception in assertive that he did not do this,” she said. “This is not what it appears to be.”

Authorities accept said Bales acted alone, abrogation at night and axis himself in if he returned.

In accession to accepting answerable with the 17 counts of murder, for which he could face the afterlife penalty, the agents baker faces accuse of acid six others.

Over the weekend, the U.S. government paid a absolute of $860,000 to the families of victims, Afghan admiral said — $50,000 for anniversary of 16 dead, and $10,000 for anniversary of six wounded.

There is some abashing about how abounding died in the massacre, with Afghan admiral initially adage there were 16 fatalities and U.S. aggressive prosecutors accusing Bales of killing 17.

The alterity has persisted back Friday, if the allegation area on Bales listed four women a allotment of 17 victims, while antecedent U.S. and Afghan letters listed three women a allotment of 16 dead.

A NATO spokesman, Col. Gary Kolb, said Friday abandoned that board assigned to the case acquainted they had affirmation to allegation Bales with 17 counts of murder.

On Monday, an Afghan badge arch denied account letters that one of the victims was pregnant, which had acquired some to infer the fetus was the 17th victim.

“What the media is advertisement is false. We still accept 16 humans on our afterlife roster. There was no one that was pregnant,” said Kandahar Arena Badge Arch Brig. Gen. Abdul Raziq.

But the administrator of the International Security Assistance Force-Afghanistan put the bulk of asleep at 17. “We should not be surprised, as the analysis went forward, that an added bulk was added to that,” Gen. John R. Allen told reporters Monday at the Pentagon. “As the analysis goes forward, we’ll get greater accuracy on that.”

Pressed to explain the change in the afterlife toll, he said, “We will accept to let that appear out in the investigation.”

U.S. admiral accustomed that transaction to the victims’ families was fabricated Saturday, but would not affirm the amount.

On Monday, two men whose ancestors were asleep told CNN they banned the money.

“We wish justice, we wish our courts to accomplish the decision, so the humans who are complex are prosecuted. This happened in Afghanistan and we absent our ancestors associates actuality in Afghanistan, so we wish these humans to be prosecuted in foreground of us, so we can watch them while they are accepting hanged,” said Mohammed Wazir.

Eleven associates of his ancestors were killed, he said.

He said he doubts the annihilation was the act of a individual man.

“The Americans assert there was one killer, but we assert there was added than one,” he said. “The Americans should stop lying. They should accede what the absoluteness and accuracy is. We wish amends to be done. We wish it from God.”

Mullah Baran, whose brother was killed, said he did not appear affairs with an American adumbrative and admiral from Kandahar because he will “never yield money from the Americans. I don’t wish money, I wish justice.”

But the governor of Kandahar, Tooryalai Wesa, said all four families who absent ancestors on March 11 beatific assembly to the affair and accustomed money.

Bales is accepting captivated at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, afterwards accepting aureate from Afghanistan a few canicule afterwards the killings.

It is not bright whether he will face a aggressive action accepted as an Article 32 hearing, at which aggressive authorities would actuate whether to advance with accuse adjoin him, or whether he will go afore a accumulation of experts to actuate if his brainy bloom may be a agency in his defense.

If and if the case comes to trial, said Bales’ lawyer, it is traveling to be “extremely difficult” for the prosecution.

“They accept no annihilation scene, no forensics,” Browne said endure week. “I’m traveling to accomplish them prove every claim.”

Military law experts accede that proving the case may be difficult, abnormally accustomed that there were no autopsies to advice prove the could cause of afterlife — in allotment because those asleep were active quickly, in accordance with Islamic attitude — and the adversity in accepting assemblage to testify.

But Gary Solis, a above U.S. Marine Corps advocate and Georgetown professor, said any ammo circuit recovered from the arena could be activated to see if they were accursed by Bales’ weapon — bold it was “immediately seized” — which would serve as “powerful affirmation for the government.”

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