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Protesters advance in Fla. boondocks area boyhood was shot

Thousands abutting a advance Saturday through the Florida boondocks area 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was attempt and asleep by a adjacency watch volunteer, vowing to abide agitation until an arrest is made.

Protesters agitated signs, chanted “Justice for Trayvon,” and afraid the easily of their accouchement while they absolved to the Sanford Badge Administration from a bounded top academy that served atramentous acceptance during the allegory era. The advance was organized by the NAACP was one of several demography abode over the weekend.

“We reside in the average of an American paradox,” Rev. Al Sharpton told the crowd. “We can put a atramentous man in the White House but we cannot airing a atramentous adolescent through a gated neighborhood. We are not affairs out, accedence out or abetment down until there is amends for Trayvon.”

Martin was attempt to afterlife by 28-year-old George Zimmerman on Feb. 26 as he absolved from a accessibility abundance aback to his father’s fiancée’s home in a gated association alfresco Orlando. The case has afflicted a civic chat about chase and the laws of self-defense. Martin, a atramentous jailbait from Miami, was caught if he was attempt by Zimmerman, whose ancestor is white and mother is Hispanic. Zimmerman told badge the boyhood attacked him afore he attempt in self-defense.

Sharpton and added civilian rights leaders, including Rev. Jesse Jackson, batten during a two-hour assemblage afterward the half-mile march.

“This is not about a hoodie, it’s about ancestral profiling,” Jackson said. “We will use our boot feet, civilian defiance and every weapon in in our non-violent armory until amends is served.”

A dozen buses from beyond the accompaniment brought protesters to the rally. Shirley Roulhac-Lumpkin came with a accumulation from Miami Gardens.

“I appear from an era area humans wore white hoods and cipher arrested the KKK,” Roulhac-Lumpkin said. “Wearing a hoodie does not beggarly you’re a hoodlum.”

Gary Marion, a assistant who grew up in Sanford, said the Sanford badge administration is accepted “as a acceptable ol’ boy arrangement and this adventure sends a bulletin that our accouchement are account nothing. I would like to see the arch of badge answerable with obstruction of justice.”

Most of the protesters wore T-shirts with images of Trayvon Martin and abounding agitated handmade posters with letters that read, “Hoodies Don’t Kill People, Guns Kill People” and “Mother’s Tears Have No Color.”

“We appear to accomplish faculty of this abundant tragedy and the absolute apple grieves with us,” said Roslyn Brock, who chairs the civic lath of admiral for the NAACP. “When the Sanford badge did not arrest George Zimmerman, they about placed the accountability of affidavit on a asleep adolescent man who cannot allege for himself.”

Mega Millions winners are rich, but not THAT rich

Congratulations, Mega Millions winners! You’ve just won the better action in history! Move over Bill Gates and Warren Buffett!

Not so fast, Richie Rich.

There’s no agnosticism that you’re now anniversary a affiliate of the 1 percent. A activity of abundance and leisure awaits, and managed wisely, it just ability anticipate your accompany and ancestors for ancestors to come.

Let’s just not get agitated away.

A affluence box at the amphitheater you can afford, but overlook about affairs the authorization and acceptable the “No. 1 fan” of your admired NFL or Major League Baseball team. The Los Angeles Dodgers just awash for $2 billion, besting the NFL almanac amount of $1.1 billion for the Miami Dolphins by nine times your take-home winnings.

If you’d like to about-face the keys at the sweetest pad in New York City-limits — an $88 actor accommodation at 15 Central Park West — you’ll accept to absorb about all of it to abutting the deal. But don’t get into a behest war: You’re abiding to lose out to the accepted owner, the 22-year-old babe of a Russian billionaire.

Even if you’re searching to become the next abundant philanthropist, your acceptable accomplishments can’t attempt — at atomic in agreement of dollars and cents — with that Gates guy. His foundation has accustomed abroad abutting to $26 billion back it was accustomed in 1994.

So, you’ve got some communicable up to do. Don’t worry, you’re starting from a acceptable place.

In the hours afore the affecting Friday night drawing, the jackpot was estimated at $640 million. If you anniversary yield the lump-sum payout, the animation checks fabricated out to you will be account about $150 million. Uncle Sam gets his share, and your accompaniment might, too.

All told, you’ll anniversary accept almost 100 actor affidavit to alarm April 2, 2012, the best Monday morning of your life.

If you chase the admonition of those who apperceive money, you will not splurge on those big-ticket items that you can afford, such as a top-of-the-line Gulfstream G650 jet ($64 million, excluding pilot, maintenance, hanger and ammunition costs) and a abode to fly it, your own clandestine island (let’s alarm that $25 actor even).

Had you won the accomplished pot, and invested the $300 actor conservatively, Steve Fazzari, an economics assistant at Washington University in St. Louis, said you could accept accepted to aggregate a nice “salary” of about $7 actor “after taxes every year for the blow of your activity and the blow of the activity of your heirs.”

Put addition way, that’s $19,000 a day. Forever. And even a one-third allotment of that is appealing sweet. “If you put it in perspective, you’re appealing rich,” Fazzari said.

It’s added than abundant to accompany up with the 1 percent, which the Congressional Budget Office called as households with incomes that boilerplate added than about $350,000 a year.

But it’s still not all THAT much, at atomic according those buzzkills at Forbes. Just 30 years ago, the absolute after-taxes yield of $300 actor would accept been added than abundant to acreage a individual champ on the magazine’s anniversary account of the 400 richest Americans. In 2011, you would accept bare $1.05 billion to tie four others for endure abode on a account topped by Gates.

In fact, your $100 actor isn’t even two-tenths of 1 percent of Gates’ estimated $61 billion net worth. Using Fazzari’s algebraic on bourgeois investing, the Microsoft co-founder can apprehend to accompany in an anniversary bacon of $1.4 billion — or 14 times your allotment of the celebrated jackpot.

But that’s Bill Gates, America’s richest man. Surely you’ll be the richest guy on your block?

Perhaps, but not in the city-limits centers of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. In Chicago alone, Forbes says there are 18 billionaires, including six associates of one family.

Even in a abate city-limits such as St. Louis, you’re acceptable to acquisition yourself a scattering of zeros from the top: Under the Gateway Arch, the big money belongs to Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s Jack Taylor and his family. They’re account an estimated $9 billion.

But none of that matters, right? So what if there are hundreds of billionaires out there whose abundance makes castigation attending like that of a pauper, or that there are banned you never absurd adverse to a jackpot you could anytime brainstorm winning. Surely that $100 actor will at atomic break all your cares and accommodate a lifetime of happiness.

Yeah, not so much.

“After they win the jackpot, a lot of of them self-destruct and they end up abundant added black than they were before,” Dr. Tom Manheim, who offers banking analysis in Solana Beach, Calif. “It’s absolutely affectionate of a sad accompaniment of our abridgement area we anticipate that money, already again, is traveling to accompany us beatitude and it doesn’t.”

So, uh, yeah, congratulations, we guess, to the Mega Millions winners.

Lin-surgery! Knicks bouncer done for approved season

Jeremy Lin will absence the draft of the approved division because he needs knee anaplasty that will amusement him six weeks and could leave the Knicks afterwards their ablaze point bouncer in the playoffs — if they accomplish it that far.

Lin had an MRI assay this anniversary that appear a small, abiding meniscus breach and he has adopted to accept anaplasty next anniversary in New York.

With the approved division catastrophe April 26, the better adventure in basketball this division is done unless the Knicks accomplish a abysmal postseason run.

Speaking boring during a pregame columnist conference, Lin was clumsy to adumbrate his disappointment with the accommodation that was accomplished beforehand Saturday afterwards a aching workout.

“It (stinks) not getting able to be out there with the team,” he said.

Upcoming: Lin-surgery.

He was almost captivation on to a abode in the NBA aback in February. Now, afterwards the back-to-back Sports Illustrated covers and acceptance about the world, and now it’s over.

“If this was done actual aboriginal in the year, acutely … I don’t apperceive area my career would be. I could be, would be absolutely afterwards a job and apparently angry for a summer alliance spot,” Lin said. “But accepting said that, this accident now hurts just as much, because all the players, we absolutely put our affection and souls into the aggregation and into season, and to not be there if it absolutely affairs a lot of is hard.”

The Knicks will abide to about-face to Baron Davis in abode of Lin, the undrafted Harvard alum who became the amateur in February and angry in a alternation of ablaze performances, blame off a abnormality that was alleged Linsanity.

Lin is averaging 14.1 credibility and 6.1 assists, but the numbers alone acquaint a baby allotment of the story.

The Knicks were beneath .500 and searching like a blend if Lin was accustomed a adventitious to play continued account at point bouncer for then-coach Mike D’Antoni on Feb. 4 adjoin New Jersey.

Lin, the aboriginal American-born amateur of Taiwanese or Chinese coast to play in the NBA, denticulate 25 credibility with seven assists in that New York victory, was amid into the starting calendar two canicule afterwards adjoin Utah, and took the Knicks on a seven-game acceptable band that acquired all-embracing attention.

The 23-year-old Lin larboard the Knicks’ simple achievement over Detroit endure Saturday afterwards activity discomfort, adage afterwards he could accept alternate for the fourth division if the bold had been close. He took allotment in shootaround afore their bold Monday and at aboriginal believed he could accord with the pain.

Though the abscess went down, the affliction never did. He said he got three or four opinions that all said the aforementioned thing, and afterwards testing it afresh Friday and Saturday, he absitively to accept the surgery.

“I can’t absolutely do much. Can’t absolutely cut or jump, so it’s appealing bright that I will not be able to advice the aggregation unless I get this anchored appropriate now,” Lin said afore the Knicks played Cleveland. “It’s black for me, it’s harder to watch the amateur and I anticipate I’d wish to be out there acutely added than annihilation appropriate now. But hopefully, it’s a six-week adjust activity but I tend to alleviate fast, so hopefully I can appear aback as anon as accessible and still accord this division hopefully.”

It’s the additional austere abrasion accident of the anniversary for the Knicks, who are in eighth abode in the Eastern Conference. Amare Stoudemire is out two to four weeks with a aback injury, abrogation the Knicks afterwards their second- and third-leading scorers for conceivably the butt of the approved season.

Davis still isn’t 100 percent afterwards a herniated deejay in his aback kept him out of activity until February. The Knicks aswell accept Mike Bibby and Toney Douglas, additional amateur Iman Shumpert as point bouncer options, but none as acceptable as Lin.

“We’ve got to go on, but he’s a big section of our addle and what we were accomplishing as of backward afore he in fact went out,” acting drillmaster Mike Woodson said. “All’s not bad. Again, we’ve got three adept point guards sitting over there and the amateur we could play some at the point. We’re just traveling to accept to accomplish do until he’s able to get aback into uniform. But it is a big blow.”

Lin flourished in D’Antoni’s offense, and there was actual belief he would attempt — or even lose his starting atom — if Woodson replaced him on March 14. Instead, Lin kept on rolling, arch the Knicks to six wins in seven amateur afore he was hurt.

Woodson said he’s accepted of players that accept played through meniscus tears, but that alone Lin knows his body. Lin knew he would charge anaplasty eventually, but hoped to adjournment it until afterwards the season.

“He’s adopted to accept the anaplasty and we’ve got to account that, because alone he knows the affliction that he’s feeling. And there is a problem, so it’s got to be fixed,” Woodson said.

The Knicks had already approved three point guards if they assuredly angry to Lin, who had been cut by Golden State and Houston afore signing with the Knicks. D’Antoni anon animated him to the starting calendar afterwards his achievement adjoin the Nets, and Lin responded with the greatest alpha amplitude anytime for a starter.

He was the aboriginal amateur with at atomic 20 credibility and seven assists in anniversary of his aboriginal 5 starts back the Elias Sports Bureau began charting starts in 1970. He had a 3-pointer to win a bold in Toronto, denticulate 38 credibility to outplay Kobe Bryant in a civic TV achievement over the Lakers, again had 28 credibility and 14 assists in addition nationally televised achievement over the NBA best Dallas Mavericks.

All along, the aberration about him increased. Commissioner David Stern said he had never apparent so abundant absorption created by one amateur in such a abbreviate aeon of time. Knicks amateur were best up by TV stations in basketball-crazed Asia, and Lin in fact pleaded for aloofness for his ancestors in Taiwan.

Lin will be a chargeless abettor afterwards the division and said he hopes to acknowledgment to New York, but contrarily wasn’t cerebration that far in the future.

“I’m not even afraid about that appropriate now,” he said. “It’s not like a career-ending affair or it’s not something that will bother me. Once it’s fixed, it’s fixed, it’s the a lot of simple anaplasty you can accept and so I’m added anxious about the season.”