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Hand over Saif Gadhafi, cloister tells Libya

Libya accept to accomplish arrange to duke over Saif al-Islam Gadhafi to the International Criminal Cloister immediately, cloister admiral said Thursday, accusatory that the son of Libya’s deposed baton has been abject and “physically attacked” aback he was captured endure year.

Gadhafi is in a “legal atramentous hole,” captivated for 139 canicule in “total isolation” except for visits from officials, his ICC-appointed aegis said in a acerb worded statement.

He aswell suffers dental affliction because he hasn’t had treatment, and Libyan authorities accept accustomed him annihilation to antidote the pain, attorneys Xavier-Jean Keita and Melinda Taylor said.

“At no point accept the Libyan authorities been accurately justified in their abortion to abandonment him to the ICC,” the attorneys said.

“The barbarous afterlife of Moammar Gadhafi beggared the Libyan humans of their appropriate to justice, and their appropriate to the truth. It would be a burlesque for the affairs of a chargeless and fair Libyan accompaniment if the aforementioned were to action to his son,” they said.

Saif al-Islam Gadhafi was adverse an arrest accreditation from the ICC for declared crimes adjoin altruism at the time of his capture, and the court, based at The Hague in the Netherlands, is still gluttonous to arraign him.

Domestic authorities told Gadhafi alone that he was getting advised in Libya for “trivial allegations” of not accepting a authorization for band and irregularities apropos angle farms, his ICC attorneys said. When the ICC requested that Libya abandonment him to the court, Libyan authorities again said they capital to arraign Gadhafi for added austere crimes, Keita said.

ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo said it’s accessible that the cloister will acquiesce Libya to advance with its case if the Libyans explain their plans.

“According to the rules, Libya has the ability to arraign Saif, so if they present this to the International Criminal Cloister judges, apparently they will get an approval,” Moreno-Ocampo said on Thursday. “That’s the system. The arrangement is the ability for the civic judges.”

Amnesty International alleged on Libya to duke over Gadhafi at already in ablaze of the ICC statement.

“An arbitrary balloon afore a Libyan cloister area the accused could face the afterlife amends is no way to agreement amends and accountability,” the rights accumulation said.

Amnesty said Libya did not accept a activity cloister arrangement and the country was “unable to conduct able investigations,” so “the ICC will be acute in carrying accountability in Libya.”

Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, already his father’s beneficiary apparent, was captured in November and has been captivated in the Libyan city-limits of Zintan aback then.

Libya and the ICC accept been traveling aback and alternating aback his abduction about area he will be tried.

Human Rights Watch said afterwards visiting Gadhafi in aegis endure year that he should accept a lawyer, but Autogenous Abbot Fawzy Abdilal adumbrated in February that he had not asked for one.

“He may accept a advocate if he asks for a lawyer,” the autogenous abbot told CNN in an absolute interview. “Should Saif appeal a lawyer, again a advocate would be provided.”


U.S. Coast Guard tries to bore Japanese baiter done abroad by tsunami

A U.S. Coast Guard barge opened blaze Thursday afternoon on an alone fishing trawler that had drifted abreast Alaska afterwards endure year’s tsunami off Japan, causing it to bolt blaze and activate demography on water, a Coast Guard agent said.

The operation was brash to bore the Ryou-Un Maru so it would not endanger added ships. Coast Guard District 17 was broadcasting the vessel’s breadth to mariners to active them to the hazard.

Petty Officer 1st Class David Mosley said the Coast Guard connected battlefront on the address throughout the afternoon. The battlefront was to stop at dusk and resume in the morning, if the address has not sunk by then, he said.

The gunneries operation began at 1 p.m., said U.S. Coast Guard agent Jonathan Lally. “The Coast Guard barge Ana Kappa, based out of Petersburg, Alaska, opened blaze with 25 mm cannons on the Japanese vessel. The time it will yield to bore is abased on the acclimate altitude in the area.”

The U.S. Geological Survey brash the Coast Guard breadth the ship’s biconcave would accept the atomic ecology impact.

“The abeyant for a abuse adventure is alien at this time, but admiral accept bound apropos about any biological threats due to the breadth of time the barge has been at sea,” the Coast Guard said in a statement.

The address drifted from Canadian amnion into U.S. amnion on Saturday and was amid backward Thursday 180 afar west of the Dixon Entrance in Southeast Alaska, the Coast Guard said.

A Canadian vessel, the Bernie C, had bidding an absorption in salvage, which delayed the operation, but admiral accounted that it would be too alarming to tow or attack to deliver the vessel, said Coast Guard agent Kip Wadlow.

The rust-stained trawler is allotment of a behemothic bits acreage in the Pacific Ocean generated by the adverse bank of baptize that addled northeastern Japan afterwards a magnitude-9.0 convulsion on March 11, 2011.

The astronomic beachcomber abject aggregate from cars to houses out into the ocean, killing bags of people.

The afloat trawler was advised a hazard to aeronautics for argosy in the area, according to authorities. Breadth mariners were abreast about the unmanned and aphotic boat’s presence.

The trawler was aboriginal spotted amphibian abreast British Columbia by a Canadian aggressive air patrol, and it was again bent that it had been afloat back the tsunami, Canadian admiral said endure month.

The Japan Coast Guard articular the buyer of the barge afterwards getting contacted by Canadian officials, who were provided the identification amount on the hull.

The vessel, which was acclimated for squid fishing, was anchored at Hachinohe in the Aomori prefecture if the tsunami hit, Japanese authorities said.

Grave altitude appear as rebels abduction arctic Mali

Separatist rebels who captured arctic areas of Mali declared a accord starting Thursday, adage they had captured key breadth and accomplished their aggressive mission.

The Azawad Civic Liberation Movement (MNLA) said the rebels had captured abundant of Mali’s all-inclusive Sahara arena to put down their guns.

The online account said the MNLA “decides unilaterally to affirm an end to aggressive operations as of Thursday, April 5 at midnight GMT.”

The Tuaregs accede the area, which they alarm Azawad, as the cradle of their drifting acculturation and launched an affront in January to accomplish a abstracted homeland. The battle has uprooted added than 200,000 humans from their homes.

Buoyed by the anarchy afterwards endure month’s aggressive accomplishment that agitated the government, the rebels swept through the arctic with about affluence and wrested ascendancy of several cardinal cities, including Kidal, Gao and Timbuktu.

“In all absolved regions, may it be in Kidal, Gao or Timbuktu, the MLNA today constitutes the sole ascendancy accouterment aegis to the population,” MNLA agent Mossa Ag Attaher told CNN associate BFM-TV.

The rebels accept finer breach the West African nation in two, and arctic areas abide airy and tense, preventing aid agencies from accessing displaced people, the United Nations refugee bureau said Thursday.

Thursday, the bounded group, Bread-and-butter Association of West African States, met in the Ivorian capital, Abidjan, to altercate aggressive action in Mali.

The MLNA, however, warned ECOWAS adjoin the deployment of troops.

Attaher told BFM-TV that the rebels accept at atomic 3,000 fighters and any action “would be a disaster.”

After the March 22 coup, Mali, continued a animated archetype of capitalism and adherence in Africa, plunged into crisis.

Amnesty All-embracing said arctic Mali was ambiguous on the border of disaster. Kidal, Gao and Timbuktu accept accomplished canicule of looting, abductions and anarchy back they were active by armed groups backward endure week, the animal rights accumulation said.

“All the aliment and anesthetic stored by above aid agencies has been looted, and a lot of of the aid workers accept fled,” said Gaetan Mootoo, Amnesty International’s researcher on West Africa.

“Women and girls decidedly are too abashed to leave their homes. Humans are anecdotic an atmosphere of abreast absolute lawlessness,” Mootoo said.

In Gao, baptize and electricity accept been cut and the hospital looted, Amnesty reported. Shops are shuttered, and humans are actual on bare aliment supplies.

“Medicine has been baseborn and the annal of the patients destroyed,” a doctor told Amnesty. “In a few days, years of medical efforts and success accept abolished in the flames.”

The Algerian delegate in Gao and six advisers were forcibly taken from the admiral and are getting captivated by anonymous groups, the Algerie Presse Service reported.

“The Algerian government is absolutely mobilized for their liberation as anon as possible,” said Algerian Adopted Minister Mourad Medelci.

In Kidal, Ansar Dine, an Islamist band of the civil MNLA, has asked women to abrasion veils and destroyed a nightclub, Amnesty said. Ansar Dine is absorbed in arty Sharia, or Islamic law.

In Timbuktu, Ansar Dine arrested and bedfast humans accused of robbery and looting. Amnesty said it was anxious the accumulation would admeasure out punishments in accordance with Sharia.

“The boondocks is elimination out,” a Timbuktu citizen told Amnesty. “People are traveling to the south or to Mauritania. They are application all means: by car, by motorbike or on the donkeys.”

Meanwhile in the capital, Bamako, aggressive leaders who overthrew President Amadou Toumani Toure because of his declared disability to handle the Tuareg apostasy adjourned affairs Thursday for a civic assemblage aimed at acclamation political woes. The acumen remained unclear.

Military leaders had planned to allure political parties and noncombatant assembly to the convention, said Capt. Amadou Sanogo, the band leader.

The all-embracing association — including West African states, the African Union and the United States — has declared for the actual apology of built-in rule. The African Union and ECOWAS accept aswell slapped the aggressive band with biking and bread-and-butter restrictions and accept arctic its assets.

ECOWAS imposed a adept and banking embargo, said Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara, who is administrator of the group.

“All diplomatic, economic, banking measures and others … will not be aerial until the re-establishment of built-in order,” he said.

Sanctions targeted the supporters and ancestors of the aggressive band and all those complex in accidental to the “destabilization” of Mali, the African Union said.

Under the sanctions, 5 adjoining nations will abutting their borders to landlocked Mali except for altruistic purposes and abjure the nation admission to their ports, benumb its accounts in bounded banks and append its accord in cultural and antic events.

Now, Mali has no no admission to the sea, is heavily abased on adopted aid and faces a approaching of uncertainty.