Could ‘wet willy’ amount Mavericks’ Delonte West?

A baby antic during the bold amid the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz on Monday night could appear aback and abode point bouncer Delonte West.

West was accustomed a abstruse abhorrent afterwards affecting Jazz bouncer Gordon Hayward’s arch during the closing moments on the additional period, and West gave a bigger account of the adventure afterwards the game.

“I was giving him a wet willy, that’s all,” West said in a address by The Dallas Morning News. “He had some lint in his hair.”

West was alleged for a claimed abhorrent afterwards blame Haywood with his acquaint with 3:41 larboard in the aboriginal half. West afresh went over and ashore his feel into Haywood’s ear afore blame him again.

”I capital to action appropriate there, but you can’t do that,” Hayward told the AP afore Tuesday’s practice. ”It wouldn’t accept been the acute idea. I’d accident accepting a abstruse foul, accepting abeyant for the season, whatever. There’s added important things than angry anyone out on the court. The added important affair was accepting the win and we were able to do that.”

The cardboard letters that West ability get a alarm from the alliance appointment for the breach in the next brace of days.

“We were two warriors. We were battling. I forgot the NBA’s a gentleman’s game. We got to action and scratch, and do it nice,” West said. “You get bent up in the affections and it’s physical. You get bent in the moment sometimes.”

West did not assume too agitated by the angle that the alliance ability acquaintance him.

“If they do, they do. If they don’t, they don’t,” he said.

Several Jazz players reacted to the aberancy of the adventure afterwards the game.

“Yeah, anyone said something to me about it,” Haywood told The Salt Lake Tribune. “What am I traveling to do? Action him and we both get kicked out and I could be done for the season?

“Just accept to accumulate your accord added than accepting into a action or annihilation like that. The a lot of important affair is accepting the win.”

The Jazz went on to win the bold 123-121 in amateur overtime.

The Mavericks, aggressive for one of the final playoff spots in the Western Conference, can ill-afford to lose West, who has been a key contributor this season.


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