Disgraced cyclist Landis accountable of artifice investigation

Bicyclist Floyd Landis, bare of his 2006 Tour de France win afterwards testing absolute for testosterone, is the accountable of a federal analysis into a $450,000 aegis armamentarium he created and afterwards abandoned, a acknowledged antecedent said on Friday.

A letter beatific to Landis, 36, allegorical him of a admirable board delving adumbrated he was getting advised for mail and wire artifice affiliated to the Floyd Fairness Fund, said the source, who has apparent the letter.

The fund, created in 2007, aloft money to avert Landis from the allegations of application performance-enhancing drugs afterwards the International Cycling Affiliation bare him of his title.

Phillip Halpern, a federal prosecutor in the San Diego U.S. Attorney’s Office, beneath to animadversion on the investigation. Michael Henson, a New York arranger who was the fund’s controlling director, did not acknowledgment calls.

After a three-year battle, Landis did an changeabout and accepted to doping, implicating teammates including bicycling fable Lance Armstrong, accuse that Armstrong denies.

In 2010 he promised to acquittance the about $450,000 the Floyd Fairness Armamentarium calm from individuals and supporters, but no refunds accept been made, the antecedent said.

Landis’s antagonism authorization with the U.S. Cycling Affiliation asleep in 2010 and has not been renewed, according to affiliation officials. He now lives in Idyllwild, California.


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