Hunting Warlords: The Fight for Justice

After a six year acknowledged battle, above Liberian admiral Charles Taylor became the aboriginal arch of accompaniment to be bedevilled of war crimes adjoin altruism at the International Bent Cloister at the Hague in the Netherlands.

Those who lived beneath his rule- adversity through acts of annihilation and slavery- acclaimed the verdict. But critics of the ICC accept that the Taylor balloon took too continued and the arrangement stands gridlocked.

To altercate the International Bent Court, Christiane Amanpour sat down with the Director of Human Rights Watch International Amends Program, Richard Dicker.

Mr. Dicker agrees that the cloister moves too boring but he believes that “accountability through bent trials, even 10-15 years afterwards the crimes occurred, is capital in creating the altitude for a abiding peace.”

To Mr. Dicker, the success of the ICC needs to be apparent on assorted levels. The advance that’s been fabricated to authority active of accompaniment answerable for war crimes would accept been abysmal even 20 years ago, but that advance has created an apprehension of amends that hadn’t existed before.

“When I see demonstrators in Syria cutting signs that apprehend ‘Assad to the Hague,’ to me that is affidavit of the way expectations for justice, even if its supply avalanche short, that apprehension has avant-garde in a way that we would accept never been able to brainstorm but 20 years ago.”

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