Chris Christie’s new attitude: Can angriest man in America be president?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rang in the New Year in classic Christie style — by ranting and doling out tough straight talk. But there was something different in Christie’s tone at a Wednesday press conference. Rather than railing against President Obama and runaway spending, Christie took direct aim at his fellow Republicans, blaming the GOP-led Congress for not moving fast enough to approve aid to states recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

Christie loves being able to show he is not part of the Washington problem, that he will defend the people of his state against the likes of Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. Just as Christie did not want to tarnish himself with the Mitt Romney brand last year, he does not want to tarnish his chances with the Boehner brand this year. Indeed, the only brand the governor is concerned with is the Chris Christie brand.

But is there a risk in alienating Boehner and the Republican party? And when (or if) Christie runs for president, do Americans really want a yeller-in-chief? What are his next steps? Check out this week’s Top Line to find out.



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