S.H.I.E.L.D.: ABC President — Pilot Script Is ‘Really Good,’ ‘Very Joss’ Whedon

It’s only at the pilot stage, but already, Joss Whedon’s “S.H.I.E.L.D.” is one of the most anticipated potential new shows – and according to ABC President of Entertainment Paul Lee – it’s a very exciting prospect for the network.

“It’s a really good script,” Lee told reporters after the ABC Executive Session at the Television Critics Association Winter Session 2013 in Pasadena, Calif., on Thursday.

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“It’s just very Joss,” he continued of the project. “You know how Joss is so high-low? And he’s able to be intense and epic and suddenly funny and silly? He’s just got that ability to be super entertaining and yet, sort of super educated.”

Lee said Whedon is fully engaged in the potential TV show, despite his big screen career.

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“For us to have Joss Whedon not only [working on] this show, but passionate about the show — directing and writing the pilot and he’s very engaged with the series if we go to series,” Lee said. “He’s already working on the scripts for the series.”

The ABC boss said they set up the project locally in Los Angeles to make it easier for Whedon to be a part of it.

“We’re very hopeful that that’s going to go forward to series,” Lee said, during the Executive Session. “By the way, the script’s great. So, I don’t want to jinx it… but we’re very excited about it. Joss is wonderful to work with.”

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He also revealed that if the series is picked up, it will be heading to San Diego.

“I’m know were gonna have fun at Comic-Con,” he said. “We gotta be smart about how we launch it.”

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Following the session, when asked if the network was still working on an Incredible Hulk pilot, Lee said they are fully engaged in the business of Marvel.

“We’re developing a lot of Marvel shows. We think Marvel is just huge for us as an opportunity and you’re seeing us, as a network, we did it with ‘Once’ we’re doing it with ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.'” he said.

— Jolie Lash

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