Hidden Camera Captures What It Would be Like to be Eaten by a Tiger

It’s not often that you get a firsthand view of what a tiger’s prey sees moments — or seconds — before being eaten. In case you were wondering what it’s like to be attacked by a big cat, here is the footage, thanks to keepers at the Longleat Safari Park in England. They set out to build snowmen for young Siberian tigers to play with in their enclosure. The keepers had the brilliant idea to insert a GoPro camera in the shoulder of a 6-foot-tall snowman to get a closer look at the beasts while they played. The staffers hit the record button, and then jumped into a Jeep for safety. Good thing, because the curious cats went in for the attack.

Soundari, a 7-year-old tiger, even had the camera in its mouth. Not only did zookeepers get to witness the scary sight of a tiger attack, but, a spokesperson for the safari park said, it “gave us the opportunity to do a quick health check on Soundari’s mouth, gums, and teeth.



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