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Hunter Hayes Performs ‘Wanted’ Live On MTV: Watch Now!

He’s young, talented and can melt hearts with his voice, and on Tuesday (February 5), Hunter Hayes showed us why he is such a wanted man.

During “Live from the MTV Newsroom: Hunter Hayes,” the country star kicked things off with his first of two songs, a stripped-down performance of his double-platinum single “Wanted,” in front of a small group of his biggest fans, aka Hayniacs.


Following the performance, Hayes sat down for an extended interview, opening up about his three Grammy nominations, his Valentine’s Day plans and of course, the overwhelming success of “Wanted,” which, he revealed, he never saw coming.

“I had no idea. Had I known I probably would have written it differently for one,” Hayes said. “And I probably wouldn’t have gone so deep into the subject because it was pretty personal at the time. Now I’m just like, ‘Whatever.’ But I had no idea.”

“Wanted” was a “quick song,” meaning he wrote it in less than an hour. Looking back, Hayes admits he could have done certain things differently on the song, especially some of the lyrics.

“It sort of just got written we didn’t think about it, it all just came out…” Hayes said. “We looked a line like, ‘Everything that’s green, girl I need you’ like whatever that means, but hey it’s in the song and I think I had an idea at that point what I wanted it to mean.”

However, with the song gaining Hayes his first Grammy nomination and #1 single, the country crossover star is sticking with the winning formula of writing these personal songs.

“If I wrote anything other than my personal experiences I feel like I’d be writing about something I don’t know,” Hayes explained. “I’d feel very unqualified for that.”


Several schools in Arizona placed on lockdown after report of student with gun: Police

Three schools in Yuma, Ariz., were placed on lockdown on Tuesday morning after police were called to investigate a report of a student possibly carrying a gun.

A spokeswoman for the Yuma Police Department told Yahoo News that officers responded to Rancho Viejo Elementary School at approximately 9:55 a.m. local time. That school, along with nearby Salida Del Sol Elementary School and WACOG Preschool, were placed on lockdown, she said.

Students at Salida Del Sol could be seen filing into the cafeteria with hands on their heads in front of armed police officers observing the scene.

Students at Rancho Viejo Elementary were taken by buses to a different elementary school, H.L. Suverkrup, where parents could pick up their children while police continued their investigation. The lockdown at the other schools was lifted Tuesday afternoon.

No weapons were found.

The gun threat comes amid heightened security at schools around the country after the Dec. 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., where 26 people—including 20 children—were killed in one of the worst school massacres in U.S. history.

The lockdown also comes on the heels of a workplace shooting in Phoenix, Ariz., on Jan. 30.