Los Preps Rap Coronation On Becoming King Mixtape

Los never minces words when it comes to his rap ability. The Baltimore MC is still on the come-up, but for years he has had a fixation on hip-hop’s crown and on his upcoming mixtape, Becoming King. Diddy’s new spitter answers the call.

Los Couldn’t ‘Cheat’ When ‘Becoming King’

“There’s a lot of pressure whenever you make an all-original project because you can’t cheat. You can’t just use the popular beat that everybody already loves and seduce ’em with that,” he told Mixtape Daily of the project, which drops on Thursday. “You have to come original; you have to come fresh, organic, so it was like a lot of pressure initially. It was like an album almost, but it’s a mixtape.”

Los has known Diddy for years, but signed his latest deal with Bad Boy last year; now, with expert backing, the well-tuned lyricist continues his quest for the throne. On “Burn Slow,” a Becoming King collabo that features Wiz Khalifa and Mickey Shiloh, Los raps with a chip on his shoulder: “I remember last time, they said this was my last turn.”

On his 2011 mixtape The Crown Ain’t Safe, Los offered similar boasts, and backed it up even then. With his new tape, he looks to up the ante once again. “I have to live up to Becoming King — this is a lot,” he said.

Joints to Check For

» “Pay Up” — “It’s like lyrical warfare. It’s almost that tension you feel when somebody’s goin’ in and it kinda gives it an awareness to your peers and the other players on the court, like, ‘Uh-oh, this dude is really out here trying to score 70, what y’all gonna do?’ ”

» “O.D.” — “It’s like my play on things that get me high, because I don’t really do drugs. I used money as my drug on this record.”



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