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Aionkinahkaufen Reaktivierung Kampagne Coming Soon

Ab dem 3. Dezember und Betriebskosten durch die Methode der 13. Dezember, NCSoft und Aion Entwickler beginnen eine Reaktivierung Kampagne für Spiel-Fanatiker, die nicht in eine Weile getragen und deren Konten in fabelhaften Stehen. Die Kampagne ermöglicht vorherigen Aionkinahkaufen an aus der Gaming aussehen 100% kostenlos für 10 Tage, zu gewinnen Doppel-XP und 99% weg von Geist Heilung in der 11. und 12..

Während Solorius, Atreia midwinter Festival, das jugendliche als auch der jugendliche in der Mitte angeordnet out Socken für immer mit festlichen Geschenken gefüllt. Aber in diesem Jahr haben Witzbolde weg mit den Socken laufen. Sie haben den Kampf für eine wunderbare zu gut erhalten, zu erwerben Ihre Socken gefüllt! melden Sie sich für in innerhalb der Heiterkeit in der brandneuen Solorius Quests, die Socken und angeordnet Sachen perfekt für alle abzurufen. herauszufinden, die Solorius Feier Büropersonal NPC in jeder Gemeinde Geld, um Ihre Socke Jagd beginnen. am Ende durch die Ferienzeit, Ring in New yr perfekt mit köstlichen Leckereien. nur sammeln die Objekte, die von Monstern fallen gelassen und tauschen sie für köstliche Silvester Leckereien.

EA teases ‘Grass Effect,’ ‘Dead Face’ for E3

Following the publication of this story, the official EA Twitter account teased that the Dead Space franchise may also be involved in the rumored mash-up.

“Zombies on Tau Volantis!” reads a tweet from the  Diablo 3 Gold Kaufen company. An image (below) was also provided, with the suggestion that more information will be shared at E3 next month.


The original story follows below

Today on Twitter and Facebook, Electronic Arts teased a new project called “Grass Effect.”


Based on an image posted to the social channels, this project will be a mash-up of the company’s Mass Effect and Plants vs. Zombies franchises.

On Facebook, the image is captioned: “Plants vs. … Reapers?” with a hashtag suggesting the game will be discussed in greater detail at next month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

EA’s E3 2013 briefing takes place Monday, June 10, at 1 p.m. PDT. The company plans to use the event to show off its suite of next-generation games like Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, and EA Sports titles.

EA will also give a “first look” at its plans for new Star Wars games during the presentation. The company previously suggested that it may be working on an all-new Star Wars Battlefront game.

Microsoft confirms Halo Bootcamp

 In addition to Halo 5, Halo 6, and the new Halo TV series, it appears Microsoft is working on yet another project in the science-fiction series.

A listing for “Bootcamp” appeared on the Korean Game Rating Board today (via GameFront) with Halo 3 mentioned in its product description, suggesting the project could be the long-rumored Halo 3 PC port.

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed with GameSpot that Bootcamp is something unrelated to the company’s other Halo  Wow Gold endeavors, but wouldn’t go into further detail.

“What’s Bootcamp? It is not related to our Xbox One efforts, or the Reclaimer Saga, but rather a project we’re very enthusiastic about and will have more to say about in the near future,” the company said.

As GameFront points out, Bootcamp is referenced in the title of Brian Reed’s novel Halo: Fall of Reach: Boot Camp.  

EA engineer says ‘the Wii U is crap’

One Electronic Arts developer has taken to Twitter to sound off Diablo 3 Gold Kaufen on the struggling Wii U. As spotted by IGN, EA senior software engineer and architect Bob Summerwill did not hold back when expressing his feelings for the platform.

“The Wii U is crap,” Summerwill said, before deleting that tweet and all others. “Less powerful than an Xbox 360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet. Nintendo are walking dead at this point.”

“Sony, MS, Apple, Google all following the same playbook,” he added. “Standard, powerful, hardware, with focus on software and services.”

Summerwill suggested that Nintendo should have exited the hardware business and instead shopped around its major titles to Microsoft and Sony.

“Nintendo are still operating like it’s 1990,” he said. “They should have ‘done a Sega’ and offered Mario/Zelda as PS4/Durango exclusives. Instead they make this awful console. Just stop it! Just make great games!”

Summerwill has worked at EA in a number of technical roles since 1999.

His comments came a day after EA confirmed that after releasing four games for Wii U, the publisher has no new titles in development for the system. By comparison EA supported the original Wii throughout its lifespan with 78 total games.

Warner Bros. to reboot Dungeons & Dragons movie

Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to make a film based on  Wow Gold Dungeons & Dragons, Hollywood news site Deadline reports. The project will reportedly use a script–called Chainmail–penned by Wrath Of The Titans and Red Riding Hood writer David Leslie Johnson.

The studio’s ambition is to use the film to reboot the franchise for a new generation of viewers, Deadline claims. It will be the latest high-profile fantasy production at Warner Bros., following Game Of Thrones and Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

The Dungeons & Dragons film will be produced by Roy Lee (The Departed, The Lego Movie). Courtney Solomon, who directed the 2000 film Dungeons & Dragons, is also on board to produce. That movie starred Jeremy Irons (The Lion King, Die Hard With A Vengeance) and reportedly could have fared better.

No casting details or a release window have been revealed.

Capcom will release its ’90s arcade Dungeons & Dragons titles Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, PC, and Wii U this summer as part of the $15 Chronicles of Mystara Collection.

Star Citizen hits $9 million in funding

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts’ upcoming space simulator Wow Gold  Star Citizen today reached $9 million in crowd-funding, up from $8 million in the middle of February.

The game’s Kickstarter campaign closed with $2,134,374, while funds through the Roberts Space Industries website stand at $6,885,668 million and climbing.

The funding milestone for Star Citizen comes a week after developer Cloud Imperium Games announced it would expand its network of studios and open an office in Santa Monica, California.

Star Citizen has been in development at Cloud Imperium Games for more than a year. The game itself includes a “sophisticated storyline” that is set in a persistent online universe. According to Roberts, it will fuse elements of his previous games, Wing Commander and Freelancer, and support for the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift is planned.

Much like Guild Wars II, Star Citizen will be available through a one-time purchase, but will not require a subscription. Players can also purchase virtual items with real-world money to customize their ships.

Epic Games marketing chief leaves for Microsoft

Gears of War and Unreal Engine studio Epic Games will move forward Wow Gold without its top marketing person. Kendall Boyd has left the company after three years and will take on a similar role at Microsoft, where he will head up marketing efforts for the Halo brand.

“We can confirm that Kendall Boyd has joined Microsoft Studios as Director of Halo Global Marketing,” A Microsoft spokesperson told Games Industry International. “We’re thrilled to welcome him into the Halo fold, but have no other details to share at this time.”

Boyd’s exact title at Epic Games was director of marketing for worldwide studios. In the role, he oversaw the marketing of top-line franchises like Infinity Blade and Gears of War, as well as the Unreal Engine. Boyd was also responsible for establishing and maintaining marketing relationships with clients like Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Apple.

An Epic Games representative acknowledged Boyd’s departure in a statement to Games Industry International, but did not detail its plans for the position moving forward.

Numerous high-profile personnel have left Epic Games in the past year, including design director Cliff Bleszinski, president Mike Capps, Gears of War executive producer Rod Fergusson, and People Can Fly co-owner and creative director Adrian Chmielarz.

Chinese Internet company revealed last month that it paid $330 million for 40 percent ownership of Epic Games and had appointed to representatives to the company’s board.

Girl Scouts get merit badge for game development

 The Girl Scouts are piloting a merit patch for  Wow Gold Kaufen game  development.


The badge is a collaboration between Women in Games International and the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, and right now the badge is only available for Girl Scouts in LA.

The course to obtain the patch will be specially designed, with WIGI developing a program that will meet the patch requirements of the Girl Scouts.

Speaking to Girl Gamer, WIGI vice president Amy Allison said “creating this badge will get young girls excited in technology and science and let them know that they, too, can have a career in the video game industry.”

WIGI’s overall aim is to use the Gamestar Mechanic to get girls actually developing video games, and to get the badge rolled out nationwide. The Boy Scouts currently have a merit badge for game design, though it does not require actual video game development.

EA not currently looking to buy LucasArts

In response to a Kotaku report today citing sources Wow Gold Kaufen who claimed Electronic Arts was considering a LucasArts buyout, the Battlefield publisher told GameSpot it is not currently considering any acquisitions..

“The entire game industry is in transition as we build more efficient organizations to deliver games on popular new platforms like mobile and consoles. EA is not currently considering any major acquisitions,” an EA spokesperson said in a statement.

This statement does, however, leave open the possibility that EA did at one time consider buying LucasArts.

Kotaku reported today that sources had indicated EA was considering purchasing LucasArts for an unknown sum. However, a combination of the troubled launch of SimCity and John Riccitiello’s resignation led to these talks falling apart, the sources said.

Disney closed LucasArts last week, though the outfit will live on as a licensing studio.

The site also obtained new video footage of a Star Wars game codenamed “Version Two,” which sources say was actually planned as Star Wars Battlefield III. After bouncing around to multiple studios, this version of the game was to be developed internally at LucasArts, the sources said.

Fragt die Entwickler – Runde 2: Antworten veröffentlicht

Fragt die Entwickler - Runde 2: Antworten veröffentlicht

Diablo 3 Gold Kaufen

Wir wissen, dass viele von euch zu Diablo III, seinem Design und den Gründen für bestimmte Änderungen am Spiel brennende Fragen an unsere Entwickler haben. Um diese Fragen zu beantworten, führen wir “Fragt die Entwickler” ein, eine lockere Fragen & Antworten-Serie, die wir regelmäßig in unseren offiziellen Foren durchführen wollen.

Das Format ist einfach: Wir geben ein Thema vor, ihr entscheidet über die Fragen! Und das im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Ihr könnt nicht nur Fragen für die Entwickler einreichen, sondern wir möchten zusätzlich die Bewertungsfunktion im Forum nutzen, um zu ermitteln, welche der Fragen die Community am meisten beantwortet haben möchte.

Aktuelles Thema: Gegenstandsystem

Das Thema dieser Runde ist das Gegenstandsystem. Um euch über unser aktuellstes Update bezüglich des Gegenstandsystems zu informieren, folgt diesem Link.

Fragen: Hier geht es zu den Fragen. Achtet auf die Informationen im Beitrag, um den jeweiligen Status zu erfahren.
Antworten: Dieses Mal werden wir die Antworten anders handhaben als in der ersten Runde. Die Antworten unserer Entwickler werden in mehreren Etappen im Laufe mehrerer Wochen veröffentlicht. Die zweite Etappe findet ihr hier.

So geht’s

  • Jede Runde geben wir ein neues Thema für die Fragen an die Entwickler vor und kündigen es im Forum an.
  • An dem im Forenbeitrag angegeben Zeitpunkt werden wir den Beitrag entsperren und ihr könnt eure Fragen zum vorgegebenen Thema einreichen.
  • Wenn der Beitrag das Limit von 500 Antworten erreicht, werden keine weiteren Fragen mehr zugelassen.
  • An diesem Punkt bitten wir euch den “Daumen Hoch”-Knopf zu benutzen, um für Fragen zu stimmen, die ihr gerne beantwortet haben möchtet.
  • Nach ca. 24 Stunden werden wir den Beitrag schließen und ihr könnt nicht mehr für Fragen stimmen.
  • Wir schauen dann welche Fragen in jeder Region die meisten Stimmen erhalten haben und leiten sie an das Diablo III-Entwicklerteam weiter.
  • Die Antworten der Entwickler werden so schnell wie möglich veröffentlicht.