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Haney: Tiger assassin babysitter who claimed to be a medium

Tiger Woods is an absorbing dude who’s had an absorbing career and an even added absorbing life.

Hank Haney, Woods’ above golf coach, actual some of Woods’ camp endeavors over the years in his new book, The Big Miss. One of Haney’s drifter belief involves an ex-Navy SEAL who Woods assassin as a bodyguard.

Haney said that Woods befriended the ex-SEAL — who the golfer’s above caddie Steve Williams reportedly declared as “weird” — and assassin him as a bodyguard, according to Business Insider. The “weird” characterization acceptable stems from the man’s claims.

According to Haney, the babysitter allegedly told Williams that Woods’ asleep father, Earl, was “speaking to him on a approved base and giving him instructions on how to advice Tiger.”

Well then. That Nike bartering in which it appears that Woods’ ancestor is speaking to him in the deathwatch of the golfer’s fallout is creepy, but we all apperceive that’s fake. This guy just sounds like a absolute edge show, which Williams allegedly realized.

But there’s more. Haney’s book provides some added aberrant anecdotes.

According to Business Insider’s annual of the book, Haney discusses if Woods advised acceptable a SEAL himself. Haney said that Woods went on six SEAL excursions in 2007, and even alternate with an astronomic abrasion on his thigh afterwards accepting attempt with a elastic bullet.

In accession to be able to yield a shot, Woods can allegedly authority his animation for four account application a “lung packing” address and can advance a baleful asphyxiate hold.