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Blood begin at Utah home from man’s missing wife

Authorities investigating the 2009 dematerialization of a Utah woman begin her claret in the ancestors home and a hand-written agenda in which she bidding abhorrence about her bedmate and her abeyant demise, according to abstracts credible Friday.

The files accession added questions about why Susan Powell’s bedmate was never answerable in her dematerialization afore he asleep himself and their two adolescent sons in a gas-fueled blaze in Washington accompaniment beforehand this year. Board in West Valley City, Utah, never arrested Josh Powell or even about labeled him as a doubtable in his wife’s disappearance.

A prosecutor in Washington accompaniment who was accepting a aboriginal attending at the files Friday said if it was his case, he would accept answerable Josh Powell with murder.

“There is absolute evidence. There is amplified evidence. There is motive,” said Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist. “There is aggregate but the body.”

The documents, acclimated as absolution to seek the home area Josh Powell was blockage endure year, detail a boundless case that board had congenital adjoin him.

Shortly afterwards Susan Powell disappeared, authorities begin claret affirmation on a attic next to a daybed and bent that it was Susan Powell’s. The daybed appeared to accept been afresh cleaned, and two admirers had been set up to draft on it.

Investigators begin several activity allowance behavior on Susan Powell that totaled $1.5 actor and bent that Josh Powell had filed paperwork to abjure her retirement annual money about 10 canicule afterwards her disappearance.

The abstracts alarm Josh Powell as afraid to advice in the investigation.

A assurance drop box acclimated by Susan Powell had a hand-written letter blue-blooded “Last will & attestation for Susan Powell,” according to the documents. She wrote in that letter that she did not assurance her bedmate and that they’d been accepting conjugal troubles for four years.

The letter aswell said that “if Susan Powell dies it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one,” according to the documents.

Josh Powell consistently maintained his chastity and said he had taken their boys, again 2 and 4, on a midnight camping cruise in freezing temperatures the night she disappeared.

One of the children, Charlie, told board in an account anon afterwards his mom abolished that she had gone on the camping cruise with them but did not appear aback home and he did not apperceive why, according to the files. A few weeks later, he told a abbey abecedary with no emotion: “My mom is dead.”

Investigators had begin a gas can, tarps and a advertise in Josh Powell’s car anon afterwards the analysis began. Susan Powell’s cellphone was aswell in the car, and Josh Powell “did not accept an acknowledgment as to why,” according to the documents. One being interviewed by badge said Powell had already fabricated comments about how to annihilate anyone and actuate of the body.

Susan Powell’s purse, keys, acclaim cards and added accouterments were begin in the couple’s adept bedroom.

West Valley City badge on Friday banned to aggrandize on any data appear in the seek accreditation because the analysis is still ongoing, said Sgt. Mike Powell, who is not accompanying to the Powell family.

“This case began as a missing being case and charcoal as such,” he said. “But due to the apprehensive attributes … annihilation and kidnapping accept not been excluded.”

Although badge accept alone articular Josh Powell as a “person of interest,” Sgt. Powell didn’t aphorism out closing accuse adjoin his father, Steven Powell.

Josh Powell confused with the boys to Steven Powell’s home in Puyallup, Wash., but the grandfathering was arrested and answerable with voyeurism and adolescent chicanery endure September. The boys were placed with Susan Powell’s parents for their safety.

On Feb. 5 — a few canicule afterwards incestuous images begin on Josh Powell’s computer prompted a adjudicator to adjustment him to abide a psycho-sexual appraisal — he bound a amusing artisan out of his rental house, attacked the boys with a hatchet and afire the home in an explosive, gas-fueled inferno. The amusing artisan was not injured.

Pierce County sheriff’s agent Ed Troyer said his detectives would accept arrested Powell “a continued time ago” if this had been their case. He said a detective in Washington accompaniment was acquainted of the data aggregate and bounded authorities had been anticipating that Utah board would accompany an arrest.

“Obviously, it’s frustrating,” Troyer said. “We were consistently cat-and-mouse for the buzz alarm to go arrest him.”

The abstracts aswell alarm how Steven Powell had an credible attraction with his daughter-in-law. A bound chiffonier in Steve Powell’s bedchamber independent assorted images of Susan Powell, including some of her in her underwear. Added images showed nude changeable bodies with Susan Powell’s face affected assimilate them.

Another angel showed Steven Powell masturbating to an angel of Susan Powell.

Susan Powell wrote in her claimed journals that she did not wish Steven Powell complex in her activity and admired that Josh Powell would bisect ties with him. She declared Steven Powell as a pedophile.