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Leaf blockage in bastille for a while longer

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf will break in a Montana bastille a while best while Texas prosecutors plan with their Montana counterparts to abjure his acquittal on 2010 biologic charges.

Probation and Parole Office bounded ambassador Dawn Handa tells the Great Falls Tribune that the 30-day authority gives authorities bare time to forward advice amid states.

Leaf, who spent time with the Chargers, Cowboys and Seahawks, was arrested Friday and afresh Monday on abstracted allegations that he bankrupt into homes and blanket decree medication. Acquittal admiral placed a 72-hour authority on Leaf afterwards the additional arrest. It was continued Tuesday.

Handa says offenders supervised by two states can be captivated after bond for up to 30 days.

A audition set for Wednesday on Leaf’s acquittal cachet was canceled.