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Former able cocaine banker wins Truman Scholarship

When Walter Fortson was arrested in 2007 for ambidextrous able cocaine, he believed a badge administrator who told him “your activity is over.”

Five years later, he is an ceremoniousness apprentice at Rutgers University, and abstruse this anniversary that he won a $30,000 Truman Scholarship, the alone New Jersey undergraduate to accept the celebrated recognition. The civic accolade for alum academy costs is accustomed to outstanding acceptance advancing careers in government or accessible affairs.

Fortson, now 27, was still active in a center abode apprehension acquittal if he began university classes through a affairs that allows able adolescent humans with abomination aesthetics to accept as students.

It was the aboriginal glimpse that his approaching ability not be as austere as it seemed the day of his arrest in Atlantic City.

“The administrator told me, ‘You apperceive your activity is over, right?’ I took him at his word,” Fortson said on Friday.

After demography a appeal deal, he was bedevilled to up to 5 years in bastille with the achievability of acquittal afterwards 26 months.

“I knew that I had to buck the weight of getting a felon and I anticipation that was something I would never be able to shed,” he said.

While Fortson was at Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility, he was alien to Donald Roden, a Rutgers history assistant who in 2005 started the affairs to advice felons accept as acceptance and through which Fortson and 35 added acceptance are currently enrolled.

“He afflicted me anon by his assurance and his brilliance,” Roden said of Fortson.

At Rutgers, area he is belief exercise physiology, Fortson helped actualize and is now the admiral of the Mountainview Apprentice Organization, through which apprentice volunteers from Princeton University and Rutgers babysitter at accompaniment correctional facilities.

Prison and decidedly the common band searches, Fortson said, “is something I would not ambition on my affliction enemy.” Fortson said he accepts that he bankrupt the law and had to be punished.

But he said he aswell acquainted advantageous to get the adventitious to adjust himself already he was out on parole, and now wants to advice added adolescent humans in bastille acquisition the aforementioned opportunities.