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Obama: North Korea will accomplish annihilation with affront

President Barack Obama warned North Korea Sunday that if it moves advanced with a planned test-firing of a all-embracing missile, it will added deepen its isolation, accident relations with its neighbors and face added sanctions that accept already deadened the country.

“North Korea will accomplish annihilation by threats or provocations,” Obama said during a account appointment in Seoul, South Korea, on the eve of an all-embracing nuclear aegis summit.

“North Korea knows its obligation.”

Obama’s able words chase endure week’s advertisement by North Korea that it is planning to backpack out a rocket-powered digital barrage in April.

The affair is overshadowing bulletin of all-embracing cooperation for the summit, which is bringing calm top admiral from 54 countries including China and Russia.

South Korean Admiral Lee Myung-bak said during the account appointment that he considers the barrage a absolute abuse of a U.N. Aegis Council resolution that bans the testing of the technology getting acclimated in the rocket-powered satellite.

South Korea has said it considers the digital barrage an advance to advance a nuclear-armed missile, while the United States has warned the move would attempt a food-aid acceding accomplished with Pyongyang in aboriginal March.

“Bad behavior will not be rewarded,” Obama said.

North Korea says it has a appropriate to a peaceful amplitude affairs and has arrive all-embracing amplitude experts and journalists to attestant the launch.

A agent from the Secretariat of the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea denounced the South for alive to about-face the acme “into a belvedere for (an) all-embracing apply campaign” adjoin the North, according to North Korea’s state-run Korean Central Account Agency (KCNA).

Pyongyang appear this ages it would backpack out a “satellite launch” in mid-April to admire the centenary of the bearing of Kim Il Sung, the country’s founder.

Using ballistic missile technology, however, is in abuse of U.N. Aegis Council Resolution 1874 and adjoin a accord addled with the United States beforehand this ages that it would not backpack out nuclear or missile tests in acknowledgment for aliment aid.

In North Korea, a barbarous choice

Pyongyang has said it will see any analytical account of its nuclear affairs as “a acknowledgment of war.”

Prior to the account conference, Obama fabricated his aboriginal appointment to the demilitarized breadth that splits the Korean peninsula. Obama peered through binoculars into North Korea breadth flags flew at half-staff to mark the 100-day ceremony of the afterlife of Kim Jong Il.

“It’s like you are in a time warp. It’s like you are searching beyond 50 years into a country that has absent 40 or 50 years of progress,” Obama said during the account conference.

The admiral said the absolute aftereffect for North Korea, should it go through with the launch, is that the country’s leaders will absence an befalling “to yield a altered aisle than the one they accept been taking.”

“I achievement that at some point the North Koreans accomplish the accommodation that it is in their interests to amount out how to augment their humans and advance their abridgement rather than accept big parades breadth they appearance off weapons,” Obama said.

From advertising to pop artist

The purpose of Obama’s appointment to the demilitarized breadth was to accommodated with some of the 28,500 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea.

“When you anticipate about the transformation that has taken abode in South Korea during my lifetime, it is anon attributable to this continued band of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen who were accommodating to actualize the amplitude and the befalling for abandon and prosperity,” Obama told troops at a abject abreast the DMZ.

It was Obama’s aboriginal cruise to the demilitarized zone, admitting he has fabricated two antecedent trips to South Korea as president. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paid a appointment to the breadth in 2010.

Across the bound on Sunday, North Koreans were aching the afterlife of Kim.

Kim’s son, who took over from his ancestor afterward his afterlife in December, and chief affair admiral visited the Kumsusan Alcazar of the Sun in Pyongyang to beam a moment of silence, said North Korea’s state-run Korean Central Account Agency (KCNA).

The alcazar serves as the burying website for Kim Il Sung, the architect of North Korea, and his son, Kim, who succeeded him as the country’s ruler.

Obama said he had not been able to appraise the new baton of North Korea, adage “It’s not bright absolutely who is calling the shots and what their abiding objectives are.”

Seoul’s nuclear acme will be the additional afterwards Obama hosted the aboriginal affair in Washington in 2010. He accomplished the biennial acme afterwards presenting his eyes of a nuclear-free apple in Prague in April 2009.

The official calendar will accord with nuclear agitation and how to defended the world’s nuclear material.

Obama’s appointment comes around two years to the day afterwards the biconcave of the South Korean warship, the Cheonan, which larboard 46 sailors dead.

South Korea says a North Korean abate advance was to allegation for the ship’s sinking. The North has denied the accusation.